Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Today real-estate businesses are continuously looking for solutions that can help them manage their ever growing marketplace and cover more ground to increase profits. They are facing problems in after acquiring lease areas especially small yet vastly important like ATMs, Vending Machines, Kisoks etc.


integrated Care (iCare) Benefits

integrated Care (iCare) offers cost effective Pay per use Infrastructure Agreement Management Solution. It provides easy-to-use interface to quickly automate hundreds of rental management business processes. We help by providing solution and we are dedicated to maximising the return on its investment through its rental yield and efficiency of our management. The basic job we do is that manage the leases and rents and other monetary matters.



integrated Serve (iServ) Benefits

integrated Serve (iServ) solution offer cost effective Pay per use Operational Management Solution. iServ is aiming to be one of the leading firms to serve the shopping center industry, including the REITs and commercial real estate companies. iServ can integrate with any Packaged ERP applications or Cloud ERP application using standards based Integration. This application ensure your customer satisfaction improve dramatically with a cost-effective, faster deployment solution.