Business Process Support Services

Setting up your Call center with Acumen is quick, easy, and affordable. All of customers's phone conversations and voicemails are automatically recorded in the server ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Agents can receive calls directly through their web browser(softphone) or route it to their desk. Built-in reporting provides instant visibility for managers. And with minimal pricing, Acumen Voice is affordable for companies of all sizes.

Customer Query

We have a tried and tested Ticket Tracking Model to where no Customer Query goes without a reply. Whoever the Customer may call, be it Call Center or Business Support or Technical Support, we ensure it is tracked and closed. Our goal - to let customer know the information - from any source possible.

Acumen Voice

All the voice will be same for any query as everyone looks @ the single source of truth. Acumen Voice includes back office call center support, technical support(mail only), and business process support.

Our Target

  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Optimizing the utilization of agents at different sites
  • Reducing costs