Telecom Infrastructure

Telecon Infrastructure Telecom industry faces higher competition in serving new products at a lower price. Telecom infra firms need to provide optimal infrastructure for entire backbone of Telecom service. In order to provide sustainable solution, passive infrastructure firms needs to look forward non-core operations outsourcing.



integrated Care (iCare) Benefits

integrated Care (iCare) solution offers cost effective Pay per use Infrastructure Agreement Management Solution. It provides easy-to-use interface to quickly automate hundreds of rental management business processes. iCare can integrate with any Packaged ERP applications or Cloud ERP application using standards based Integration. This application ensure your customer satisfaction improve dramatically with a cost-effective, faster deployment solution.




integrated Serve (iServ) Benefits

integrated Serve (iServ) solution offer cost effective Pay per use Operational Management Solution. While iCare strives to provide solutions, integrated Serv aims at sustaning the profits reaped through these solutions. It is a fully equiped Management Application that helps you maintain your business. iServ mainly focuses on Preventive Maintanence i.e., eliminate unnecessary inspection and maintenance tasks; Correcive Maintanence i.e., in scenarios where production is reduced or lost our teams will try to effect repairs as soon as possible. Not only that iServ can provide you real time data directly from the field through Mobile Apps. This can eliminate false data collection as the technician from the field is directly providing data iServ also can integrate with any Packaged ERP applications or Cloud ERP application using standards based Integration's.

integrated Energy (iEnergy) Benefits

integrated Energy (iEnergy) solution offers cost effective Pay per use Energy Management and Optimization Solution. Lowering your energy consumption is the first step towards more sustainable and profitable operation of your production equipment and therefore of your company. By making a series of limited adjustments you can save costs immediately.However, by intervening even more on your equipment and processes, we push back energy consumption further still. We help you do all this by measuring the consumption and record it in real time. This helps identifying the source that mainly consume your energy(battery banks, diesel generators, solar panels, etc). Also we have a well tested Energy Pay system that helps you pay your bill at your local electricity board. Not only that we also raise invoices to corresponding operators based on their presence and usage of your space or resource.