Energy Management System

integrated Energy (iEnergy), a SaaS (Software as a Service), application captures the entire energy calculation from various angles including usage , billing, optimization. A Property can consume energy from various sources like Electricity, Diesel Generator, Battery Bank and Solar Towers. Based on the energy consumption various payments needs to be streamlined. As well energy consumption by the partners in the property, owners will be accurately calculated and billed to their satisfaction.

Operations - Energy - Team Benefits

Single source of truth various channels of energy usage and optimization
Excel based Data upload & download
Master Data Loading & Cleansing
Flexible & Configurable workflow with complete audit trail information.
Energy Usage Analysis and proactive Analysis
Analysis of various energy channels
Dashboard Creation and Monthly Updates with Insightful Commentary
Configurable Analytics
Various configurable Reporting
Monthly Reporting
Mobile Application for work assignment and work completion tracking
Mobile Application for location based application usage tracking
Energy Management

Partner Benefits

Energy Management
Self Service Application for energy usage portal and interaction with partners
Professional call center to handle Partners Enquires
Mobile Application to interact with Partners

Potential Customers include any property that needs an Energy Management in a Telecom Industry, Banking Sector, Real Estate Management.